Proudly Terrorized Part # 2 Episode # 29

Proudly Terrorized

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Episode # 29





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In this part of proudly terrorized, Michael Junior and I talk about his trip to Vegas. Why he’s going. How he’s getting out there. And the fact that he is not afraid of going out there due to the shooting that we just had out there couple weeks ago. We talk a little bit about him needing to get away from the house due to his grandmother’s dementia. I let him know as well that his mother and I are terrorized just a bit about him going to Vegas. We also talk a little bit about these public shootings or massacres or whatever you want to call them becoming part of the norm.

This group or whatever this thing is that he’s going to Vegas to see. They had one in DC of the same sort of thing. But Michael seems to feel that he’ll get more out of the event in Vegas than he did in DC. Michael also has some things out in Vegas that he knows about that he wants to go try while he’s out there and we discuss those things as well.

Michael and I also talk about his airfare, hotel, and car rental while he is out in Vegas. The fact that he needs to have some way around, and he was talking about rent a car, maybe Uber or something on that lines to get around Vegas while he’s out there.

I asked Michael if he had checked on the event to see if they are still having it. I thought maybe with just have in the shooting out there, They may cancel this event. I was kind of hoping that they would cancel the event. I thought that it would give him a good excuse to stay home.

Michael brought up the fact of just wanting to have some fun. So I asked him what kind of fun he wanted to have, a way for mommy and daddy that he couldn’t have in the same town where we are is the fact that he is now 21 years of age.

We also talk about what if’s. What if there’s another shooting while he’s out there, what if he gets hurt, what if he gets lost. Here in DC. His mother and I are here where we can get to him if any of the above happen. But with him going to Vegas it could take days to get to him. Whereas here DC it would only take hours.

I told him that his mother and I were talking in last week’s episode about whether or not he found somebody to go out to Vegas with him or not. So I asking if he found somebody go to Vegas with him or not.

When he went overseas, his mother and I got him a track phone. We could sit in the bedroom of the house and know, approximately where he was with this phone. But now that he’s 21 we can’t give him something like that. He tells me that we need to let him spread his wings just a little bit. He also said that we need to trust God that it’s in the Lord’s hands.

I tell him that his mother and I realize that we’ve got to let him spread his wings. But on the other hand, we are going to be worried about him out their in Vegas, all by himself. I understand that he needs to get away from his grandmother with her dementia. I understand that he is only 21 and he’s never had to deal with a family illness, let alone dementia, and the need to get away from such an illness. The Fact that he’s 21 now is not going to stop his mother and I from worrying about him.

            And that’s my interview with Michael Junior, His feelings on the shooting in Las Vegas. Last week’s episode was his mother’s feelings on the shooting. And next week you’ll have my thoughts on the whole situation. I hope you all will keep listening to the podcast and if you could hit and leave us a comment

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