Proudly Terrorized Part # One Episode # 28

Proudly Terrorized

Part # One



Episode # 28





Show Notes


This is the 1st part of a three-part series that Stephanie and I are calling proudly terrorized. In this 1st part, Stephanie and I talk about her feelings on the shooting in Las Vegas due to the fact of our boy wants to go to Las Vegas it in the month for another concert. Yes, a concert much like the one where we had the shooting. We also talk about her feelings. Not being able to talk to mom about it due to dementia. We also talk about the fact that Michael has gone overseas back in 2012. The things that we did then are not the same things that we can do now due to the fact that he is 21 years old.

We also ask at the tail end for your comments on I also leave a little teaser about next week’s episode, part 2 of Proudly Terrorized at the very end of this episode.

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