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A podcast dedicated to the memory of Delores Spence

Who Founded Baby Mountain Radio Productions

Hello, my name is Michael Delaney Senior I started the podcast Caregiving for Dementia to help people living with someone who has this devastating disease called Dementia. When I started the podcast Mama had just been diagnosed with this disease. I could tell that I was losing her. I thought what better way of not only being able to track her progress than a podcast, but a podcast might even help someone living in the same situation.

You may ask, what is a podcast well, come to find out podcasting is sort of like a radio station without all of the licenses and the royalties fees and all that. But with that said, without all the licenses I could no longer play the music, so I had to talk a lot. So I got to thinking about what I was I going to podcast about. I kept hearing be very niche, the nicher you are the better your podcast will be. The more I dug into podcasting, the more I thought this was my way to help people in the same situation as I was in.

And the rest of the story is history. The podcast Caregiving for Dementia is my way of trying to help not only my family and I, but other people living with someone with this devastating disease called, Dementia. The latest episode of Caregiving For Dementia is at the top right hand corner . I hope you enjoy this episode.

On September 2, 2019 at 5 PM, the family and I lost the world’s greatest mother. This website and the following podcast is dedicated to my mother Delores Spence,who helped me make Baby Mountain Radio what it is today. Love you mom. We’ll love you forever.

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