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          Caregiving for Dementia is a podcast about a family dealing with someone who’s living with dementia. In the podcast, we discuss things the family does and doesn’t do because of this devastating disease called, Dementia and its affects on the individual who has it.

          Dementia not only affects the one who has it but it also affects the entire family of the one whose got it, because the one who has this disease can no longer be left alone. The individual forgets how to do a lot of things that the normal person takes for granted. Things like eating, drinking, and dressing themselves. These are the kind of things they can no longer do on their own.

This podcast is a personal look at a family who is taking care of a loved one who has this  disease. We talk a lot about things going in the on day-to-day life dealing with this disease.I also tell some personal family stories of things that have happened in the past, some things that are coming up, all of watch mama doesn’t remember.

I hope you enjoy the episodes of Caring For Dementia, a personal family experience.

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