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Proudly Terrorized

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Episode # 30





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Michael Junior is Terrorizing Us: One of the reasons why I named this series of 3 episodes Proudly Terrorized, is because about 6 months ago, Michael come to his mother and I and told us that there was some kind of a concert going on at the end of October, out in Las Vegas, that he wanted to go to . Now, for normal parents that would probably be a big deal to let their kid go from one end of the country to the other, but for us, we were okay with it, because back in 2011 we got a letter from the people to people student ambassador programs. Now how we got this letter, we don’t know, how, who what, where, when yadda yadda yadda. We have no idea, but make a long story short, Michael was invited to go overseas to France, England, and Rome. I believe he was about 14 at the time, 13, 14, in that range, so we decided to go ahead and let him go. We did all kind of checks and all kinds of protections and everything that we could do and all that,but the problem was with that trip itself. You see his mother and I had just seen the movie Taken. Now if you haven’t seen any of the movies Taken. These movies are about people that go overseas and get kidnapped and that kind of thing, the wrong kind of movie to go see at the movies the evening or 2 before your child goes overseas. So that was a little bit of time that was terrorizing for his mother and I being the daddy that I am. But we had mom at this time that we could talk to. She was a good comfort to both of us. In fact, she even Helped him go, and we had all kinds of things in place to where we knew where he was at certain times of the day, Which made us feel a little better about letting go, not just across the country, but overseas. Remember now, the boy is only 13, 14 years old. He’s not a child, he’s not a baby, but yet he’s not an adult, either, so he comes back, everything’s fine and dandy. He graduates from high school, which is another terrorizing moment in life because it makes you realize that your child is no longer a child that needs his mommy and daddy all the time, now he’s not fully grown, but old enough to step out on his own, just a bit. All this is leading up to the fact that Michael Junior is no longer a child. He’s a now young adult, yet he still needs mommy and daddy at times, but he’s no longer depending on us for every move he makes. Now this week in the country, We’ve had this mass shooting out in Las Vegas. There’s some kind of a concert at the end of the month that Michael wants to go to in his head made plans to go to for about 3 months at least in the same location. This is very terrorizing for his mother and I number 1 because these are only child number 2 because of the shooting. That was just out there. I mean, this guy killed 59 people and injured 500 people over 500 people, I believe. So I have tried my best to talk Michael out of going without coming plane out telling him that he can’t go, I told him he shouldn’t go, but I have not asking not to go and I won’t asking not to go. He’s he’s 21 he’s got to make his own life decisions whether or not they may or may not put them in harm’s way. I ‘m really proud of him because he does have a heck of a head on the shoulders for being 21. Maybe I’m just being the overprotective parent that needs to keep quiet and let him do what he wants to do. I mean eventually he got a turn things like this over to God and let God take care of a. After all, he is 21, you can’t make every decision for him. And I think one of the frightening things about this one is is that mom is not here mentally to talk to about it and to give us that mental support that she give us when he went overseas. She can’t carry on a conversation, let alone give us any kind of advice about letting go across the country, like she did when he went overseas. Naturally still in the country. He sees closer than what he was when he was 13, 14, but he’s older tell and we just need to be…… There, if and when he needs us. I want my mommy to talk to about to give me that comfort that she give us when he went overseas, but unfortunately dementia has got are locked in this little world over own. I know she’s in there somewhere, because we get glimpses of her, but she’s not there 24 / 7, 365, the way she was when he went overseas.

These are the kind times that I really miss mom. I guess that due to dementia, this is how I’m going to go through the rest of my life. Not being able to talk to her in situations like this to give me that comfort to give me that backbone that I need to let him grow up in the way that I know he will. I mean Stephanie and I’ve done a great job. I think with raising Michael with mom’s help. He’s turned out to be a great young man. When he was little, I thought maybe he’d be the world’s next Elvis Presley. But now that he’s 21 has no interest in performing music, that wishes in mind as changed. Although my hopes of him, become an Elvis have changed. I do believe that no matter what he does in life with the attitude that he’s got today he will do something great in this world. I have had some great conversations with him, on politics, and religion, and now then, with the shooting in Las Vegas and he’s left me with the impression that he’s got a good head on his shoulders and I need to trust in his decisions that affect his life. So with all that said, the only thing I can say to him, and about him, is that daddy is very, very proud of him.


            I’m also terrorizing myself by doing this podcast. I have 27 episodes out. This is number 28 and one of the things that are terrorizing is the fact that you put yourself out for all to see for all to hear what and how you react to things. I started this to keep track of mom and her dementia. The process of dementia and for a while, I was calling the show the dementia episode this episode that one of the things that you learn when you do podcasting. It is to talk to other podcasters who had been doing it longer and take their advice and what they tell you and all this and either apply it or not and what the podcast that I listen to. I have run on to what’s called The Podcasters Roundtable. ( @ ) with Ray Ortega, Dave Jackson from and Daniel J Lewis from www. the audacity to I can’t get enough of this podcast I am learning so much from this podcast. That’s amazing. I not only just have one podcasters that I listen to, but now with the Podcasters Roundtable. There are 3 of the meta-time, plus a new one and can listen to the 3 that have done this for years and the new one that they bring on you learn so much about podcasting.

The equipment what to do, how to do how to monetize how to make money, how not to make money where to host your feet what were not to so I mean that they’re going through everything and these 3 podcast is a been podcasting for years. Can you imagine if you were singer were in a rock band just starting out, sitting down in a room with Elvis Presley, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and then giving you advice on how to sing, how to perform? I couldn’t.

Well, okay, I think that’s probably about enough of being terrorizing. So if you are looking for other podcasts to listen to the 3 that I’ve mentioned in this podcast are great podcasts. I have learned a lot just listening to the 3 of them on the podcasters Roundtable. If you get a chance check them out. I think you enjoy your podcast. And speaking of enjoying podcast. If you enjoy this podcast, please leave me a comment, an email, on mountain

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