Mama, and the day Elvis died

Mama, and the day Elvis died



Episode # 54





Show Notes


In this episode of : Care Giving for Dementia


I share some stories of the summer time as a kid. One of those stories is how I found out that Elvis Presley had died. I have a story of a ride on a car hood. The story of how Mama taught herself how to crochet. As well as some camping stories that we did when I was a kid.


When I was a kid you have heroes, people you look up to, people you’d like to be. Well for me one of these people with Elvis Presley. Not only did I like his music but also like quite a few of these movies. I was a huge fan of Elvis ever since I can remember and still are today. In this episode, I tell who told me, where I was at, and what I was doing when I found out that Elvis had died.

I have quite a few childhood memories, some good some bad. One of those good stories I tell in this episode is about a car ride my brother took on the hood of a car.

When I was coming up, Mama always was making things. Whether it be sewing something together, painting a picture with her artex or making something with yarn or threat. I have several of the bedspreads and things that Mama crochet one of which I could really tell she was losing the no how to crochet. I know Mama was losing the know-how because Mama was not his particular with this last one, as she always was.

When I was just a young kid, my stepfather bought a camping trailer to where he could go hunting in the winter but in the summer time we took the camper, our bikes, and a go kart and went camping for the weekend. In this episode, I tell the story of some camping trips that we took with this go kart some of the rides and we had some the fun that we had with Mama and to go kart.

I also mention in the episode that their 6 of us kids. Mama has 6 grandkids, not including my son, she has for great grandkids. Some of whom have come to see mom, and some have not. I talk a little bit about the ones who haven’t been around whether or not mom would recognize who they are. She also has a grandson coming to see her now that she may or may not recognize only because he’s not around all the time. He has been up to see her, but he’s not here all the time, so she may not recognize him when he comes to the door.


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