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A Scared Caregiver



Episode # 55





Show Notes


This week Episode: I tried something different. I tried putting a timecode in the show notes. The me know what you think, the me know if you like timelines or not.



O:55    The Opening

0:56 – 5:40      I’m talking here in this episode about waking up at 3 AM after falling asleep for about a half hour in finding Mama on the floor, because she’s rolling out of bed. I talk a bit about being scared because not only did she roll out of bed and onto the floor, but we found her lying in a pool of blood. You see, she broke her nose when she hit the floor and any time you break your Nose there is a little bit of blood.    

5:40 – 6:30       Family wanting to call 911 and our discussion about whether or not we should call 911.

6:30 -7:10        Finding out where all the blood was found on Mama.

7:10 – 8:33      The family is fortunate enough to have a registered nurse in the family that you can call and talk to any time day or night.

8:34 – 9:50      Being panicked getting upset and upsetting the one that your caregiving for .

9:50 – 12:16    Mama’s age having a whole lot to do with being worried that anything happens like her falling out of bed could be very fatal.

12:16 – 13:45  Worrying about whether or not mama broke any other bones evaluating mom for broken bones.

13:45 – 14:30  Being sore and being really slow. After falling out of bed.

14:30 – 15:36  comparing mom’s comparing mom, breaking her nose and 85 to my own broken nose at the age of 16. Headaches, black eyes, looking like a raccoon.

15:37 – 16:42  Questioning how Mama fell out of bed.

16:42 – 20:00  things that happen after all the pressure is gone after getting mom cleaned up and coming down from everything. What we do, what we didn’t do, what we may do what we may or may not do, that kind of thing.

20:00 – 25:02  after all the pressures gone and everything said and done, you start second-guessing yourself as to what you did what you didn’t do. Being glad that it wasn’t the only one in the house when this all happened, makes it a whole lot easier when somebody else’s help and get it is to do it by yourself. It’s kind of hard to hold someone up clean someone up and evaluate the situation. All by yourself.

25:02 -25:51 A promotional audio clip for September 30 a big day for all podcasters. International Podcasters Day.

25:51 – 26:50  The close of the show.




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