Being Forgotten


Care Giving for Dementia

Being Forgotten



Episode # 53


Show Notes


1st off, let me assure everyone that Mama is still with us, so that is not the reason why I haven’t put a podcast out in about 5 weeks. We’ve had some devastating changes in mom this past month, but for the most part she’s holding her own.

When your child, you don’t think that one day your parents will forget who you are. I don’t know about you but when we were kids. Every once in a while when we were talking to mom about something, she would end up calling the role, in other words, she name off a couple of us kids name instead of the one that she was actually talking to. I didn’t think anything about it, it was just something that happened every once in a while.

Looking back on it now, though I wonder if that wasn’t the 1st actual signs of Mama having dementia. I’ve said before the podcast of Mama knew something was wrong, long before any rest of us did, including her doctors.

This past month there’s been some devastating changes in mom. I called it devastating changes because there are now times that Mama forgets who I am. I think that may have a lot to do with the fact that Stephanie’s out of school for the summer.

Stephanie’s been doing a lot for mom throughout the summer, that has really given me a huge break. I didn’t have to run every time Mama needed something. Stephanie was been able to take care of a lot of that for me, once we got mom to let her do some things for her.

So I backed off throughout the summer, except for when Mama needed to be moved from place to place. Stephanie just doesn’t have the muscle to move mom from place to place, throughout the summer, there’s been times when Mama didn’t want me doing things for her, she’d rather have Stephanie do some things for her. We now have 3 weeks and Stephanie goes back to work, and I’m wondering how much of a hard time, I’m going to have getting back into being the full-time caregiver for Mama, when Stephanie goes back to work.

Even if I do have a hard time getting back into becoming the full-time caregiver it’ll be fine. When things need done. They just need done. If the one that your care giving for doesn’t like it, then they just don’t like it. You have to do things to keep them healthy for as long as you can. No matter whether what.

We may have an interesting start to the school year. I’m sure it’ll take time for Mama to get used to me taking over again. But I’m sure that eventually she’ll get used to me again, she may or may not know who I am all the time. But she’ll get to the point where she realized that I’m the only one here in the house with her. She may not like it for a while, but she will eventually get used to me again. I’m sure.

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