Making Sense at 22

Making Sense at 22



Episode # 59





Show Notes


This week’s episode is about some changes that we need to make. We were at the dinner table. The other night and Mama looked at me and got angry was ready to fight. The boy looked at her, grabbed her hand and said grandma, grandma, calm down.

We had come in from church and we were eating dinner and we were all sitting around the table and we were talking. All of a sudden mom looked at me and she got really angry and I didn’t know why I mean we had been holding 15 minutes, so one anything we did or said. But she got this really angry look on her face and started yelling a little bit what she was yelling we couldn’t say. But Michael looked at her and took her by the hand and said grandma, calm down, calm down, grandma and wouldn’t you know, lo and behold, she looked at him and it was like a light switch immediately. She calmed down.

This went back-and-forth couple 3 times. Maybe and Michael eventually said trade me sides, daddy. I looked at him and I asking what you mean trade you sides. He said come over here and sit, so I did. And when Mama looked at me from then on, the anger, the ready to fight look had completely disappeared.

Michael looked at me. I looked at Michael. He said she can’t see you. It’s dark over here. And he was right. There’s no light on one side of the table except for the kitchen like which for you and me is not dark, per say, but for an 85-year-old I would say it was dark. We do have a lamp sitting on a dresser, which is where Michael was sitting so Mama can see him with the light. I, on the other hand, was dressed in a black long-sleeved shirt sitting in a dark and corner. When I had moved over to where the light was. It was like a light switch. There was no more problem. There wasn’t a problem with Michael sitting in a dark corner because Michael didn’t have a shirt on, so he was white. So Mama could see him, and Mama could see me now that I had a light behind me and she was fine from then on.

A few nights after that Stephanie and I came in again from church, this time I was in a white shirt and Stephanie was in a dark green dress, and lo and behold, Mama was ready to fight with Stephanie. Mama got that being ready to fight look and was going off on Stephanie. Stephanie went into the bedroom, changed her dark green dress to a white T-shirt type thing and lo and behold, Mama, calm down. Again, it was like a light switch almost immediately with Stephanie got out of that dark green dress, Mama was fine.

I’ve said all this, I guess to just because it’s dawning on us that Mama is seeing a lot of shadows. I guess. And because we were in dark close the only thing Mama could see was our faces and our hands. To me, if that happened. Oh yeah, I didn’t really be ready to fight. I mean, can you imagine only seen somebody’s face in hands coming at you at enough to scare anybody at enough to get somebody ready to fight. I know it would me. And I’m almost sure anybody that same situation would feel the same.

No, the only problem I have with this is the fact that we do have a shepherd and he’s and in black most of his body is black. Mama doesn’t act that way with him. Why not? The only thing I can think is that Mama can tell the dog from us. And the only reason I think that is because we are taller were standing on 2 feet and the dog is on all 4 adults is smaller maybe she recognizes it’s the dog. I don’t know. I’m not sure, but it’s possible.

I’ve said all this, I guess just to say that you need to be aware of dark clothing once they get so far into having the dementia. The only thing I can think is the fact that she seeing dark shadows instead of actually what’s around her. It makes sense because when we’re changed clothes. There’s no anger. When we’re in dark clothing or in a dark corner it scares Mama gets Mama angry. So we need to be aware of the colors of our clothes as we deal with this devastating disease that’s getting worse by the month called, Dementia!

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