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Episode # 60






Show Notes


I had too many names for this episode of caregiving for dementia. So I called this episode. No name because I couldn’t pick one.

One of the reasons why I didn’t pick a name for this episode is the fact that one week we’ve taken some of mama’s medication away from her. Which, has woken her up, to the point where she can now carry on a small conversation, or at least to the point where you could figure out what she’s talking about, and to her appetite is back. Yeah, mama’s appetite is back.

There lies the question, are we doing the right thing by taking her medication away? I feel that we have because it’s woken her up to where we can talk to her. She’s now eating. And I mean eating. We have a serving spoon for food and last night we give Mama a spoonful of macaroni butter, applesauce, and a little bit of pork chop. Mama ate extremely well, she had over half a spoonful of macaroni butter she had a spoonful and a half of applesauce and she probably ate half of the pork chop that we cut up into small pieces for her.

I am extremely excited about that. We started out with Mama not eaten anything at all. Most of the time, when we did get her to eat. It was a bike here and a bite there. We worked at up to 4 bytes here 4 bytes there and I believe we went up to 8 bytes, but last night. Last night she ate extremely well and were all tickled pink about it.

Now we may pay for taking the morning medication away for Mama, we may not. We’ll just have to wait and see. It’s something the only time will tell us. We may have to deal with the more of an anger attitude more of a feistiness without the medication. But again, it’s just something the time will tell.

I was asked the question by her friend when I was talking to them about taking this medication away from Mama. He said. You may feel better about her waking up and eating. But how does she feel? That’s a question that I could not really answer other than the fact that no one should sleep 24 7 365 and that’s what Mama was going with all this medication. She won eaten because she was sleeping, she wasn’t talking because she was sleeping, she’s lost the ability to walk because she was sleeping. I’ve always heard that if you don’t use it, you lose it, and that is so much of a true statement. Because Mama no longer has the ability to stand no longer has the ability to walk.

For the time being, I have my mommy back. We are able to carry on small conversations with her appetite is back, with those 2 things alone. I don’t see how I could be too terribly wrong. It’s something that will just have to wait and see you can’t cross a bridge until you come to it now, you might be able to see where things are going, but you can’t cross the bridge until you come to it. So we’ll just have to wait and see.

If you leave everything up to the doctors. I honestly think that their answer is medication. The medication. However, and Mama’s case makes Mama sleep all the time. So I may be wrong, I may be right. I’m not sure, but one thing I am sure of and that is that the medication at the doctors give mom for her dementia is making her sleep. That’s it’s plain as the nose on my face. And I would rather deal with a little bit of a nastiness and have Mama wake a little bit thinner wood for her to be sleeping 24 7 365.

I hope you’ll stay tuned for more episodes of caregiving for dementia for updates on mom, for updates on how she’s reacting to having no morning medication, whether or not we’ve had to give her back her morning meds.

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