Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place



Episode # 58





Show Notes




This week’s episode is about being caught between a rock and a hard place with some more decisions about mom. Deciding whether or not to up some of her medication, whether or not to take her to the doctors for the flu shot.

I talk about upping a little bit of mama’s medication. There is a pill that Mama has that she can take 3 of these pills per day. If she takes 3 of these pills a day, all she wants to do is sleep. The whole purpose of this pill is for agitation. Now if I up this pill to the 3rd pill per day. All she wants to do is sleep. If she sleeps all day, that means I get no company I get no conversation. I don’t get anything except a zombie.

Mama is to the point now where every time she moves she hurts. Now, Mama always did hurt, but she hurt because of a high calcium count, which acts a lot like arthritis. If you’ve had arthritis you know what I mean. So then the question becomes, do we put Mama through the pain of moving around for the flu shot or do we not worry about the flu shot and save Mama some pain.

I’ve talked in the podcast a little bit about the fact of having COPD and my doctor is constantly every year, asking about whether or not we’ve got the flu shot. Now for 7 years or thereabout, all 4 of us have gotten our flu shots because of my COPD. This year, however, I’m considering not worrying about a flu shot for mom because of the way she hurts when she moves. Now I could go to the family nurse but I know what the family nurse would tell me. But if you left it up to the medical profession you’d be popping pills or taking a shot every 2 to 5 minutes for something or another. However I’m concerned a little bit about the fact of not giving her the flu shot because the flu shot supposed to stop you from getting the flu, but it 86 years old, is putting mom through the pain of moving around worse not getting the flu? I don’t know!

Do I up the pill to stop the agitation that Mama has? If I up the pill I get a zombie if I don’t up the pill that I deal with the agitation and I don’t get anything done.

I’ve got the attitude of Mama comes 1st. They’ll be time for me. They’ll be time to get things done in time. But on the other hand, what’s best for mom is the question. A question that I have no good answer for.






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