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Episode # 57





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In this episode, I refer back to several different episodes of caregiving for dementia about changes. If you would like to hear those episodes that I refer to, I put the direct links for downloads in the show notes.

And yet in this episode, I bring you yet another change in mom with her dementia in this episode, I discuss a lot about drinking, Mama is forgetting how to drink. And it’s a major turning point because when she forgets to drink altogether. We have lost any way of getting any nourishment to her at all.

I also talk about my belief in the fact that I don’t believe the doctors really know where this dementia comes from. They just seem to chalk it up to being old. The problem that I have with that thought is the fact that you have 85-year-olds that are acting like they’re in their 50s and 60s. And then you have people in their 60s and 50s with dementia like the 85-year-olds. So I don’t believe just being old has anything to do with dementia.

Once again in this episode, though I know that mom is not totally gone. You see, I’ve made up some T-shirts for the show in which I have used the cover art as front the T-shirt, which is in fact, Mama’s high school graduation picture that we have altered to black and white. I was sitting out with Mama one evening working with her on her drinking and she recognized that I had a T-shirt on with a picture of a girl on the front, she looked at that and point at it as she looked at me and said that girls pretty, I looked at mom and I said that’s you, mama, she pointed to shirt looked at me again and she said yeah, I know. Now whether or not she actually knew that the picture was her not, I don’t know, but that’s a glimpse of Mama still be in there. Thank God that Mama’s still with us

Here are the direct links for the episodes that I have referred to in this podcast.

# 1  Losing History Episode number 14

# 2 Physical Problems episode number 20

# 3 Changes episode number 27

# 4 Christmas Changes episode number 36

# 5 and last but not least Losing Spunk episode number 51


I hope you enjoy this episode or the past episodes of caregiving for dementia. Have a good week. Have a safe week and will talk to you next week. I have one last link I’d like to share with you for the international podcast day. https://internationalpodcastday.com/


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