Losing History Episode # 14

Losing History



Episode # 14





Show Notes


  1. Trying to arace history
  2. Not being able to tell the grandkids about history
  3. Saying no to elected officials
  4. Being upset because of a disease taking my mother and the family history with her.
  5. I think a lot of things in the country are not right but I’m don’t out here trying to destroy things just because I find them offensive.
  6. All this Confederate business started with banding the Dukes of Hazard TV show just because of the stars and bars on the Gen. Lee. A car! People.
  7. Understanding things happen the hundred 200 years ago that wasn’t right.
  8. Not being able to change history.
  9. Having a conversation with grandkids.
  10. Cities, Government, and elected officials trying to destroy my country.
  11. Losing mom and all of the family history because of dementia.
  12. What are we doing about diseases like dementia?
  13. The countries going in a very wrong direction.
  14. Changing and adding holidays.
  15. If you don’t like what you hear in and you don’t like what you see turn the channel turn it off.
  16. God is still in control and will always be in control.
  17. We need to wake up and stand up and start telling our elected officials to stop trying to destroy our countries history.
  18. Asking Pres. Trump to say no to destroying the country’s history.
  19. Don’t let here and take what I’ve said to the extreme! But somebody needs to say no we need to say no more destroying of history before it’s too late for my grandkids my great grandkids and my great great grandkids.
  20. Fighting things legally fairly and without violence.
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