Christmas Not

Christmas Not

Episode # 67

Show Notes

The First Episode of 2019.



I called this Christmas Not due to the way Mama reacted to Christmas this year. In 4 years. We have gone from being able to go Christmas shopping to not even knowing what Christmas is. 4 years ago, Mama was able to go Christmas shopping for self. 3 years ago, she was able to tell somebody to go get something for somebody for Christmas. Last year she was able to open her own presence. In 2018 Mama doesn’t even know what Christmas is. She was unable to open any of her presence. She was barely able to stay awake for supper.

One thing that I do know for sure is although we may be losing mom. She has not forgotten how to give good hugs. Quite often anymore when I go out when I come home I usually need a hug from Mama. One day this week, Stephanie and I went to the movie we saw the Clint Eastwood’s latest movie The Mule. The Mule is not a Dirty Harry movie. However, for being 88 years old, still able to talk, walk, drive act and direct this movie is awesome.

However, when your caregiving for someone you need to be very careful because you’ll find yourself wondering why the one that your caregiving for can’t do some the things that other people are doing. You’ll find yourself asking well, In my case, why can’t Mama walk. Why can’t Mama talk, Why can’t Mama this, why can’t Mama that. You’ll find yourself begrudging the ones that can do all the things that the one your caregiving for can’t.

As far as the rest of the family, we all enjoyed Christmas, including the dog who we splurged on this year. Stephanie decided that she wanted to get the dog a doggie bed. For some reason or another, the dog likes to sleep in our beds and it just isn’t room at times for the dog. Michael was hard to get for this year because he’s not a child anymore. He does have his own car, so Stephanie and I got him some stuff for it. Unfortunately, one of the things we had gotten him. He already had, so he needed to take that one item back.

New Year’s used to be a big deal when I was coming up. We’re from a small town in West Virginia, where everybody knows everybody. When I was coming up the neighbors used to get on the front porches and bring their pots and pans and at midnight would just bang away on their pots and pans just make a little bit of noise for the new year. We also had a train yard down over the hill and the trains used to make the horns blow at midnight on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day. Since I’ve gotten older Yeah, although there are some noisemakers not everyone makes noise on New Year’s Eve. However, I ended up setting off both car horns a couple times to bring in a new year. It was the only way I could think how to make a little bit of noise for the neighbors. The dog didn’t seem to mind the noise he went out and barked at the cars. We thought that was so funny. Mom, on the other hand, I don’t believe even knew what was going on. I believe she slept through all of the noise, What little there was.

I have also made a website change Baby Mountain is now its own website, at HTTPS:// as well as Caregiving for Dementia is its own website at HTTPS:// However, you can get to one from the other. I felt that Baby Mountain Radio was confusing, so I wanted to separate the show website from a network or production house website. Baby Mountain will be where all of my online content will be. I have hopes of adding more podcast in the very near future.

I’d like to take this time to say thank you for listening to me for the past 2 years. I was looking at the stats and noticed that I have not been as frequent as I thought I was. In 2019. I hope that I’ll be more frequent with episodes. Again, let me say thank you for listening. Happy New Year’s to all have a great year and will talk to you next week.

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