Episode # 68


Show Notes

In this episode, I talk just a little bit about some things that you inherit from your family. I don’t mean the inheritance that you get when someone dies and leaves you money or any kind of material possession.

What I’m talking about is your hair color, your eyes, your nose, your mouth that kind of thing. When your firstborn. People always say you look like this when we look like that when and that’s the kind of inheritance and want to talk to you this week about.

The thing that makes you, you is what I want to talk about. You know your outlook on life. Your attitude your temper your bullheaded all that kind of stuff that just makes you you is what I want to talk about this week.

Every once in a while I tell Mama that I have inherited her bullheadedness and daddy’s temper. And most of the time that works to get her to do what we needed to do, but it doesn’t work always so what I mean by that is the fact that all I need to do is hold my ground until she gets tired enough to where she’ll do what we needed to do. Most of the time that works. And the other times all you can do is just wait until she gets tired.

A lot of times, though, you also inherit your family’s health issues. I believe that You inherit cancer from your family, or even something as mental as this devastating disease of dementia. I believe that my grandmother had it on Mama’s side toward the end of her life because my sister and I were sitting on grandma’s front porch and grandma looked at us and said I want to go home. My sister and I looked at each other and said grandma, you are home you’re sitting on your front porch. Nothing we could say or do would convince her that she was sitting on her own front porch at her own house.

I don’t believe the doctors know where this mental disease comes from. I don’t believe they know what causes it. However, I believe that the doctors may think that you may inherit dementia, or Alzheimer’s.

If the doctors seem to think that this disease of dementia is inherited what’s the chances of your kids getting it. Or even your grandkids may even get it. My brother and I worried a little bit about the this to dementia, because where both starting to forget some things. But the doctors seem to think that it’s just part of getting older to. But is that or is that not the start of dementia, who knows?

Even though I’m putting Stephanie and Mikey through this mental disease with my mother, I’m not sure that if I get this disease that I’d want to put either one of them through this same ordeal. Definitely something to think about. I’m not sure that there’s anything that, be able to do about that though because the price of nursing homes is outrageous. Nursing homes in this area are $10,000 and up per month and it’s just ridiculous.

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