Transitions Episode # 23




Episode # 23





Show Notes


  1. Not having a whole lot to talk about this week
  2. Thinking that after you get to be a certain age. The doctors are going to over medicate you
  3. Mama’s has done 380 after taking half of her medication away
  4. Mama not being hard to deal with, yes, she’s a little feisty at times, but aren’t we all
  5. Talking to my brother about taking some of this medication away from mom
  6. Not seeing the reasoning behind giving mom all of the medication. If she’s just going to sleep
  7. Being up all night and most of the day, now she sleeping at 2 AM
  8. August is a transition month because Stephanie is going back to work at the end of the month
  9. Facebook accepting podcast in a new way, started a Facebook page for baby mountain radio, as well as a Facebook group for promoting a podcast
  10. May try to start a new podcast with the kids at school
  11. Do you need to as careful about letting people know where you are on the Internet
  12. Talking to Michael Junior about coming on in the podcast
  13. A possible podcast on politics
  14. The government wasting money that could be spent on research for dementia
  15. Business cards from baby mountain radio
  16. Asking for you to leave us a review in iTunes and/or on baby mountain
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