Every day life Episode # 24

Every day life



Episode # 24





Show Notes


  1. Taking care of Stephanie
  2. Still playing around with Mama’s meds
  3. Stephanie getting ready to go back to school
  4. I’m coming down with a head cold
  5. How I’ve been recording the podcast and the fact that you may hear some skips this week
  6. Remembering wanting to go to Memphis In August 1977
  7. Missing the serious talks mom and I used to have
  8. I’m not sure how to be identifiable throughout life to do about that
  9. Family members missing out on mom’s life
  10. Life being one big circle
  11. Stephanie going back to work. It’s just leaving me and mom during the day
  12. Not knowing why moms not stable on her feet anymore
  13. Still working with the iPad for the podcast recording
  14. News on the DC pod Fest
  15. Not knowing if anyone is listening other than family members
  16. Asking for some feedback on the podcast
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