Things that may help in your caregiving


In this episode, episode # 74 I’m a little bit all over the place with some things that I found on Facebook. I had joined some caregiving for dementia and Alzheimer’s support groups on Facebook. With being in those support groups, I have been able to come up with some really good content.

One of those things that I’ve seen in these groups is someone had asked a question, If the medication that they were giving their loved one would help? With dealing with dementia for or the past 6, 7, 8 years, I can honestly say that the medication does not seem to help a whole lot other than the fact of making the one that you giving the medicine to sleep all day long. I would rather have mom awake a little bit and have a little bit of a hard time, then I would to have Mama sleep and be a zombie all the time.

I also saw someone talking in the group about putting their what I believe their mother in a home. they were talking about their mothers dog having arthritis, and something about whether or not to let their mother in the room when they put the dog down or whether or not to go ahead and put the mother in the home before they put the dog down. Well I’m a dog lover. So I would not put the dog down simply because he has arthritis. I would not put the dog down simply because I was going to put my mother in a home. My advice to this person was to see if the home would not take the dog as well. I believe there are some nursing homes that will also take pets. I talk about our dog here Bucky. It seems to perk Mama up a little bit when Bucky comes around and is ready to play.

The other thing I have noticed that seems to perk Mama up a little bit is the fact that our sitter that we have come in to sit with mom. When we have to go out is the fact that the sitter has a one year old grandchild that she brings with her and the baby seems to perk Mama up as well. But then I also talk about Michael coming home from work that seems to perk Mama up a little bit as well.

There was also someone in this Facebook group that was talking about being harassed by members of the family. My advice to that person was simply, don’t answer the phone. If they’re not around to help you to give you support in any way shape or form. It’s really none of their business. How, where or what you do to take care of the one that your taking care of. I know in my instance I have 3 siblings that have just absolutely abandoned mom not once but twice and I’m not sure that I’d even let them in to see mom. Now after 6 years. Because it would just confuse mom, mom wouldn’t have no idea who they are or anything else. They haven’t been around to know what’s going on in the past 6, 7, 8 years. So why would I worry about what they say about how to take care mom. They haven’t been around. I really don’t care what they say. Sometimes you just have to tell them to kiss your you know what, and go on about your every day caregiving for the one that your caregiving for.

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