Putting Things Off



Putting Things Off





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This week’s episode once again brings us to the holiday season. I discuss the past 2 years of the holiday season, along with discussing whether or not once again to decorate for Christmas. Decorations seem to irritate mom with her dementia. Christmas has lost its meaning. Michael is all grown up so Christmas doesn’t mean a whole lot to Stephanie and I anymore right now.


Put things off, at times because you either have time and no money or you have money and no time to do the things that you want to do. So they get put off. And a lot of times they get put off permanently do to money. I’m finding myself putting a lot of things off right now and it’s got nothing to do with having the money or the time to do them got to do with taking care of Mama.


When you’re younger you put off a lot of things, thinking that you’ll get to them eventually. The longer you put them off the more they can cost you. Stephanie and I’ve found ourselves in situations where if we to handle things a little differently if we had done things just a shade different than what we did we would not be in situations that we found ourselves into.


Stephanie and I put off getting married for now that happened 10 years because we didn’t think we could afford it, but if we to wait another year and a half another 18 months Stephanie’s dad would not abandon our wedding. We put off buying a house for years, cause we didn’t think we could afford it. We were living in an apartment and the apartment had radiator heat know really is no adjustment for radiator heat it’s either on or it’s off. There was no air-conditioning for the apartment and so we talk to the management and by the time we paid the rent paid the electric bill for the air conditioner and we wanted a dog as well. So by the time you took all 3 of those payments we had enough to buy this house.


This house is not the Taj Mahal. It’s not Trump Tower, but it is a roof over our heads. It keeps us warm. It keeps us dry and it fits into the budget. And that’s one thing that I’ve learned a little bit from mom lived within your budget. You don’t have to have the best you just need what you have to have.


There are so many things that I want to do with this podcast with the name baby mountain radio, but I’m finding myself having to put those things off. Not only do to the fact of not having a lot of money but taking care mom is the priority right now. So I putting things off with doing a whole lot because of that.


Mama could tell that something was going on long before anybody else new, including the doctors. She didn’t know exactly what was going on, but she knew something wasn’t right. So before she got too bad Mama had some things put down on paper for legal situations. However, there was one thing that she put off because she didn’t think she or I either one would need it, and unfortunately that one thing that she put off has cost her a few dollars. Not a whole lot but a few dollars.


Sometimes putting things off may not cost you, but it cost your children. Which may or may not be good? See their 6 of us kids and 3 of us have just up and disappeared for the past 2 to 3 years. And that hurts because you think they’ll be around, and then all of a sudden they’re not there and haven’t been there.


Several years ago, I promise mom that she would never see the inside of a nursing home. So you see, I don’t care who it is or who isn’t around as long as I am physically and mentally capable of taking care of Mama. Mama is staying right here at home with me.


I hope you enjoy listening to this episode of Care Giving for Dementia.










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