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Episode # 17





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Welcome to this week’s episode of dementia, this is episode 17. This week Michael’s under the weather I’m Stephanie his wife. Michael and I both are blowing out of our minds due to our stats of this program, we just cannot believe how many of you folks are listening. We would like to thank you so very much for all of the listenings.

This week’s episode is going to be quite different due to Michael’s health. But we wanted to let you know a few select things.

Mama is doing quite fine all in all. We had another day of work done on the house, where we had to leave the house for about 8 hours and she did really good. The next day, however, she made up for having to get up so early and staying up all day that she slept all day until dinner, and she got up for dinner and right back out to bed she went. She must’ve been extremely tired is all we configure.

Our boy Michael Junior is back home from his camping trip to the modern day Woodstock. He seemed to enjoy his trip very much, but was also glad to get home into his own bed and was really glad to take a shower.

I unfortunately still have not been able to figure out all of the IPad’s functions. I’m still working on trying to figure all of that out for this podcast, but once I get it there will put an episode out from the iPad and we’ll see which one is better sounding for the podcast.

One other thing that Michael wanted me to let you know is that the DC area is having a Pod Fest in November 2017. He’s looking forward to it. It will be his 1st ever pod camp. Hope to see you all there. We’ll keep you posted as the information becomes available to us.

Sorry if this episode sounds like it was read. But It was because I’m not used to speaking in the dementia podcast. Anyway, we both hope to see you next week for a much better episode of this thing. We were living with called dementia.

One last thing Michael wanted me to ask if any of you all could go to iTunes and leave this podcast, a review apparently they seem to help. Thanks again for all your listening and thanks in advance for the review in iTunes.

Until next week this is Stephanie behind the mic this week, for Michael, for the podcast on dementia have a great week, Enjoy life, We’ll see you next week.


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