Feeling Bad Episode # 18

Feeling Bad



Episode # 18





Show Notes


  1. Unapologetic for last week’s episode
  2. Thank you to the wife
  3. The talk between podcasters.
  4. My own health issues
  5. mamas eating and sleeping habits
  6. a ruler from kindergarten
  7. listening to other podcasters and one was talking about growing up as a child
  8. having the best of both worlds is a kid
  9. losing the family stories that you heard as a kid. Not having anyone to go to who know the truth of those stories
  10. things that Michael should and shouldn’t know/Stephanie knows
  11. dementia locking doors to memories
  12. reading the Christmas story on Christmas Eve
  13. not decorating for Christmas this year
  14. Mama not being able to tell Michael your daddy did this your daddy did that
  15. siblings telling the family stories
  16. my stepfather and I
  17. 3 out of 4 parents
  18. dementia robbing mom of her grandkids/great grandkids
  19. Mama sisters
  20. losing track of thought and being able to regain it
  21. not searching for the truth, this close to losing mom
  22. your health, your actions affect your kids
  23. starting family traditions of your own
  24. telling kids in your stories
  25. tell your kids you love them
  26. Michael’s responses a lot of the time to his mother and I when we want to love on him
  27. the wife walked in as I sad Love on him and she said to add a hug as well.
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