Mother’s Day with Dementia Episode # 11

Mother’s Day with Dementia



Episode # 11





Show Notes


  1. Apologies for the lateness of the show!
  2. Sunday is Mother’s Day and being a kid on Mother’s Day
  3. Letting holidays go by the wayside due
  4. Being fair to the wife on Mother’s Day
  5. Choosing the right gift for Mother’s Day for someone with dementia
  6. The way four of us are treating mom on Mother’s Day due to dementia
  7. My brother and his wife not being able to make it for Mother’s Day
  8. Mom putting the other 3 through college
  9. Black sheep of the family
  10. Mama put stuff on hold
  11. Having mom physically but not mentally for Mother’s Day
  12. Looking for anything from the other 4 kids on Mother’s Day
  13. Mama isn’t able to carry on conversations on the phone
  14. Thanking the other 4 are ignoring mom because she’s sick
  15. Talking to my older brother and his wife of 45 minutes
  16. Mama has been up all day doing things
  17. Things I’m doing and trying to help the boy save a little money
  18. My older brother and his wife’s flowers come from moms Mother’s Day
  19. Taking mom to Walmart for Mother’s Day
  20. Staying concentrated on the episode
  21. taking time with mom on Mother’s Day
  22. A Little something for the wife at the tail end of the show in the song
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