Dementia Evaluation

Episode # 86

As your caregiving for someone and the longer it goes the more things go wrong. The more things do go wrong the more help you need. Toward the end of the school year it become apparent that we were going to need some help with mama, getting her from the bed to the pot getting her from the pot to bed getting them from the bed to the dinner table and so forth.

This has never been more evident than when mama broke her hip somehow. Mama hasn’t been mobile for quite some time and now that she’s broken her hip it’s even worse mama no longer can set up by herself. This means that we have to do everything that involves moving mom ourselves. It’s already evident to us that were going to need some help so we made of call to Medicare and Medicare said talk to the doctor and get things set up. Well the things that the doctor has set up so far, is not what we need.

We have a nurse that comes in we have a physical therapist that comes in we have an aide as well as a occupational therapist that has come into a valuate mom this week. Now the nurse the thing the nurses do is take mama’s vitals, the physical therapist showed us a few leg exercises that we could do with mom for mama’s legs, the just contend to help bath mom and to help dressed mom, and the occupational therapist just command to see what we got as far as equipment to help mom get around.

The occupational therapist is really the only one really is much help mean she’s talking about another type of wheelchairs she’s talking about a hospital bed although with her experience she says that mama’s insurance is quite hard to get anything like that to go through. And we can’t afford to do it ourselves, so I am not sure what’s going on. We are just going to have to wait and see what goes on and go from there.

Now when we called to get some help because stepping was going to go back to school in winner we actually need a physical body a physical person that can sit and help move mom around and talk to mom and all everyday things. With these four people that the doctor has got coming in their here about 20 minutes and that’s it that’s all they do and that’s not what Stephanie and I need, we need somebody that can actually take care mom while we go out and take care of other things that need to be taken care of.

I mean hopes that when these three weeks are up for the nurses in the physical therapists that they will get together with mama’s doctor and just come up with a game plan for us to help mama out. I’m sure that we not going to get somebody 24 seven 365 days a year. Although that would be great I don’t look for the insurance company to offer or even paid for it. Mama doesn’t need a nurse however she does need 24 seven care and without mama needing a full-time nurse which mama doesn’t need I’m not sure that insurance company will pay for someone I hate typing I hate this is a episode number six who mama dialectics and develop and want you to you are interested in leading adherents Sunday that start taken studies all last theory to help sit with mom.

We are running out of time before Stephanie has to go back to work very quickly. Where at the end of June and Stephanie has to go back to work at the end of August that’s only about 60 days 80 days may be to where we can get something or someone in place before she goes back to work. I’m hoping that we can do so but if we can’t, you heard me say before in his podcast that mama is not going to a nursing home. As long as I can possibly get to mama with any kind of reasonable strength mama will not see the inside of a nursing home.

So will just have to wait and see what goes on between now and the time Stephanie has to go back to work, hoping for more than what I honestly think we’ll get but any help would be grateful.

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