Dementia Boredom Episode # 40

Dementia Boredom



Episode # 40





Show Notes



This week’s episode is about being bored even though you’re busy taking care of the one with a mental disease. You do get bored even though there are things to do. You don’t always feel like doing them because you’re mentally tired, mentally stressed out, from taking care of the one that you’re taking care of. The times that you have to yourself is so few and far in between that you just don’t want to do anything.


You get tired of doing the same things you always do to keep yourself out of boredom at times. When you’re not sleeping because you either can’t or don’t feel like sleeping you’re not always able to do a whole lot because the things that you do may or may not cause noise. So you get bored because the things that you normally do. You’re tired of doing, or they make too much noise to do at certain times of the day.


You may also get bored because everybody in the house is sleeping at certain times. You don’t always feel like sleeping when everybody else in the house is. You don’t play with the dog because everybody else is sleeping.


Also in this episode, I mentioned making some trinkets for the podcast. I also mention possible listener donations through Patreon.

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