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Once again going to be a little different. I mentioned to you last week that I would have some things to look forward to in 2018. Some new changes to the podcast that I think will help in the production of the podcast.

One of these changes that I’m considering is moving the recording part of it to some kind of a room outside of the house. I’m not really sure whether what kind of room this is going to be, whether it’s just a shed in the backyard or if it’s going to be possibly some kind of the old truck of some sort. Either one would allow me to record in a much quieter, much more efficient way. Either one would give me a better place to do research, as well as possibly upgrading my equipment.

One of the things that I’m thinking about trying to do as well with the podcast is possibly trying to make just a little bit of money. Nothing major, just enough to cover the hosting fees for the podcast.

Also, I’m thinking about starting a few more different types of podcasts, you see caregiving for dementia is a good podcast for now, but eventually I’m going to run out of content. So when that happens, I’ll need something that’s already started so that I can continue podcasting itself.

One of the podcasts that I’m thinking about trying to start in 2018 would be one with the wife. Bring her on a podcast and do one together because of dementia. Not only affects the person who has it but it also affects the entire family. So I think that having a podcast with Stephanie would be a good idea for her to get her feelings about what’s going on here in the house out. Combination of the both of us dealing with dementia might help another family not only just the one is dealing with it from day-to-day. I’m also thinking about starting a podcast with the boy. I don’t know something about photographs picture taking movies that kind of thing. He’s in the movies a good bit. He might be willing to do a podcast about his productions. I’ve been to I’ve been also been thinking about doing one on politics. Yeah, I know politics a sticky situation would be even stickier as a podcast. Because my opinion is my opinion and I’m sure that not everyone in America feels the same way I feel about some of the situations that America’s got itself into. That might be an interesting podcast. I’m also thinking about starting one from the church. I’ve also been thinking about having the pastors preaching as a podcast that would be a good way to get the Lord’s message out as well. So there are just a few possibilities for podcasts in 2018.

Podcasting not only gives me something to do, but it’s also a way to relax, to clear my head, as well as leave something after I’m dead and gone. Something that Michael could look back on or Michael’s kids even when he has them so that they could say that’s my grandfather. Not only that but podcasting. I’m having it Blast. It’s really neat to be able to come back behind the microphone and release some your thoughts, put your thoughts down on paper per say. Not only does it give me a way of relieving the stress of caregiving, but it’s a blast to work on as well.       I don’t think I’ll ever get rich podcasting, but it’s fun and as long as you’re having fun doing something that you enjoy doing, go for it. As long as it’s not hurting anyone, as well as its not hurting the family, who knows, it may help someone much like I’m hoping that it does today as I record this.

I’ve also learned a good bit this year about podcasting, and one of the ways that I have learned a good deal is by listening to different podcasts. And there are about 4 podcasts that I’m listening to on a consistent basis. One of these podcasts is the school podcasting with a man who I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting, Dave Jackson. You can find Dave’s Jackson’s podcast, at http://www.theschoolofpodcasting.com He has a section in his podcasts called because of my podcast. And there are some really great stories that help new podcasters. Another podcast is the audacity to podcast with Daniel J Lewis. Daniels podcast has helped me a good deal because he has a Q&A that is quite helpful, and knowledgeable about all specs of podcasting. You can find Daniels podcast, at http://www.theaudacitytopodcast.com. The 3rd podcast that I find very helpful and I enjoy listening to is the podcasters Roundtable with Dave Jackson, Daniel J Lewis, and Ray Ortega, these 3 fellas get together and discuss everything about podcasting with a live chat room where you can ask your questions as they record. You can find this podcast at http://www.thepodcastersroundtable.com.  Now you may ask what these 3 podcasts have to do with my Outlook for 2018, well with listening to these podcasts, I have learned that there are podcast seminars, podcast camps… kind of things and they’re all over the United States. I found out that there was one in Washington DC called DC pod Fest and it was back in November 2017. There I learned a whole lot about podcasting. DC pod Fest wasn’t even the biggest one in the United States. I understand from what I’m hearing that social media marketing world is out in San Diego, California is the biggest one. I would really like to make it out there in February of 2019. With what I’ve learned at DC pod Fest I know at one of the bigger conferences I would learn twice as much. That’s not to mention meeting Daniel J Lewis, Cliff Ravenscraft, and Ray Ortega and seeing Dave Jackson again. All of the above podcasters have been a great help to this newbie and I’m sure they’ll be a big help to you as well. Check their podcasts out at the above links. I’m sure you enjoy.

You see, in February 2017 is when I started podcasting. In a year,  I have changed the name of this podcast 3 times. Because I was just trying to get my feet wet, getting used to coming behind the mic, trying to find my voice. Not only was I trying to find my voice, but I was having a blast trying to podcast. One of the very cool things about creating something is watching it take form. When I started podcasting, I didn’t think anyone was going to listen to little old me about anything that I had to say. But I found it quite interesting just to have some kind of diary some kind of recording some kind of record of how dementia is affecting the family. But I didn’t just want the  quote-unquote smarts about dementia. I wanted real life field living experiences and that’s how I’ve been podcasting about dementia since I went to the DC pod Fest. You can have all the books smarts in the world about anything that you learning about, but when it comes to real life out in the field experience. There’s nothing like hands-on. You can’t learn everything by reading books.

In 2018 I would like to start possibly doing the podcast live on something like Facebook hangouts. A few of the podcasters that I mentioned above do live podcasting and most of them have a open chat rooms as well. I’d like to learn how to do a live chat room while recording my podcast. I’d also like to have more engagement with my audience, more interaction, more conversation with you the audience. Anything from emails to maybe even live meet ups. I think a live meet up in 2018 would be excellent. Anything at all to where, I could get to know you the audience a little better. Put faces to your names put names to faces that kind of thing.

So in closing, these are just a few of the things that I’m going to attempt to do in 2018. A few of these things are very scary to me. But I think a lot of them will be interesting as well. I know they’ll be a lot of fun as well. I hope you’ll stay tuned and listen to episodes in 2018. I hope that the podcast been very helpful to you so far. I hope the 2018 will be even more helpful more exciting and full of information for you. Have a wonderful week. Have a wonderful 2018. And we’ll see you next week this is Michael with caregiving for dementia on http://www.babymountainradio.com

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