I talked this week in a podcast about why society thinks it’s all right, just to put sick people, your loved ones that you are caring for in a long-term care facility.

I talked to mom is Dr. and that was one of the things that he was talking about was putting her in a nursing home. I don’t understand why people are constantly asking, why mamas not in a nursing home? She’s not in a nursing home because I refuse to put her in a nursing home and as long as I am physically and mentally capable of taking care of her. She will not see the inside of a nursing home. That’s not to mention the expense of a nursing home. I mean, were talking $10,000 a month. Not only that but nursing home will take care of her, the way I will. They’ll doper up some much to where she won’t even know whether it’s day or night out. The lever sit in wet and dirty diapers for Lord knows how long. So no, she will not see the inside of a nursing home. As long as I can take care.

I’m not doing anything for Mama that Mama didn’t do for me when I was coming up. It’s my time to take care of Mama, instead of Mama take care of me. She’s take care me all her life. It’s my turn to take care of her.

Mamas had a hard life. She married twice, once to an alcoholic and the 2nd one was just an SOB. I’m sure in those 2 marriages there were times when we were kids that she would’ve wanted to go out and couldn’t because she couldn’t afford a babysitter. There are times when Stephanie, I would like to go out as well. However, the expensive in home care is, just like a babysitter was when we were coming up.

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