The Michael Delaney Show

Episode # 8

Talking In her sleep and other changes

Show notes

  1. Mom is talking in her sleep to an old woman.
  2. Stephanie sister and uncle listening to the podcast, with a little bit of difficulty.
  3. Preparing Stephanie to join me in this episode.
  4. Stephanie joins me in this episode to talk about how she feels and how dementia affects her.
  5. Stephanie introduction.
  6. Working with kids help working with mom?
  7. Bathroom trips.
  8. Working as a team.
  9. The dog Bucky.
  10. Mealtime
  11. Talking behind our backs.
  12. Being someone in mom’s past.
  13. Okie and Joy being a big help.
  14. Wanting to go home.
  15. Asking for feedback.
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