The Dementia Wall Episode # 44

The Dementia Wall



Episode # 44





Show Notes


The dementia wall is a wall that was built by the person who has dementia to help make that person feel safe. Much like the border wall will make the country safer. Dementia isolates the one who has it, so it’s almost like you’re reaching through, over, under, or around what I’m calling a dementia wall when you’re dealing with someone who has dementia.

From time to time, it’s hard to get the one who has dementia to cooperate with you. When it’s time for their medication at times, they don’t want to take it. A lot of the times, it’s a pain to do the slightest thing with that person. And for some reason a lot of the times, it’s hard to get them started with a bath.

This thing that I’m calling the dementia wall takes away the person’s personality. It’s almost like their a totally different person. Although at times, the personality of the person returns, for short time. When the person personality returns you can actually have a small conversation with that person.

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