Talking to other Podcasters about the content. Episode # 26

Talking to other Podcasters about the content.



Episode # 26





Show Notes


  1. Is my content good enough to keep going
  2. Podcasters who have been podcasting for years are reachable folks
  3. Cliff Ravenscraft
  4. Daniel J Lewis
  5. Ray Ortega
  6. Not being the only one worried about his content drying up
  7. Judging your own content
  8. Feeling like I’m in a box
  9. Steel considering changing the name of the show
  10. Talking to the above podcasters about the content drying up
  11. According to the stats, this podcast seems to be helpful
  12. Not putting out last week’s content
  13. Dementia has really slowed down. Thankfully
  14. Giving Mikey & Stephanie the weekend to take care of mom
  15. Stephanie went back to work this month
  16. This Week 16 years ago was 9/11
  17. Mom doesn’t remember a whole lot of anything, let alone 9/11
  18. Taking care of yourself in order to take care somebody else
  19. Find a local caregiving support group
  20. Watching the parent trap
  21. Quick movements in the car / being out in the car
  22. Asking for some feedback
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