Second Guessing a Family Decision

Episode #84

This week we know why Mama, is no longer able to set up from a lying down position on her own. We got up Sunday morning and put Mama on the pot when we got her there we notice that are left leg was swollen as big as a small basketball, and it was as hard as a brick. This prompted me to call mom is Dr. and explain what was going on. The doc said, take her to the emergency room.

In the emergency room, They did a sonogram on Mama’s left leg and they found a blood clot that was old. They also took some x-rays of the left leg and that told them that Mama had somehow, someway broken her left hip.

The only way that they’re able to fix a broken hip is surgery. So I talked to the rest of the family that has anything to do a mom, and we have decided that due to mamas age and mamas other physical problems we have decided not to do the surgery. We don’t think that Mama would come through the surgery to start with, let alone all the pain that surgery causes. The only reason to have the surgery would be so that Mama could walk or walk without a limp.

The family decided that since the scene Mama didn’t walk. Anyway, the surgery would not do her any good. But now I’m sitting here second-guessing myself with the family decision not to go on with the surgery. Are we wrong not doing the surgery? I don’t know.

That’s one of the good things about having family support behind you, you can go to them and have them help you make some major decisions. So you don’t feel like you’re out there all alone, making the decisions that could or could not help your loved one. As well as knowing that you’re not the only one that made that decision. It was a decision made by all of you, not just a decision that you made on your own. And knowing that you have that support from the family is a tremendous weight lifted off of one shoulders.

One of the things that I did when I did bring Mama home from the hospital is I get a little bit of research on breaking one hip. Some people seem to think that it’s a death sentence to have a broken hip, but the majority of it is that if you move if you get to move it around to get the mobility back. It’s not a death sentence. A lot of people don’t move after a hip break it hurts too much soda don’t feel like moving. So they don’t move which is a major problem.

We have started moving. Mamas legs just a little bit of the time, moving her knees back-and-forth so that she can stretch those legs out a little bit so that she doesn’t get to where she’s not totally immobilized we’ve got to work with her legs got to work with her knees to get her to move them to where she is able to stretch them out. She’ll need to stretch them out eventually. I think y’all know what I’m talking about there.

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