Personal Appearance Episode # 46

Personal Appearance



Episode # 46





Show Notes


When you were a child, you really didn’t care about how your parents looked. However, as you got older, you started daycare about how you looked because you started noticing the girls. When I started noticing the opposite sex, I started caring about how I looked in other words I cared how my hair looked, and how my clothes looked.

As I grew up, Mama always used to tell me after getting my haircut how good it looked how good I looked. With dementia, you’re not always sure whether or not the person is actually there. However, when you clean yourself up after all winter long looking like Grizzly Adams and you get a reaction from someone who has dementia, you can pretty much. Rest assured that you have not totally lost that person.

I guess what I mean by that is, the boy and I cleaned up ourselves. After all winter long. I look like Grizzly Adams and the boys needed to shaving in a haircut as well. He was not quite as bad as I was, but all in all, we both needed to clean up after all winter long. In other words, we went and got our haircuts and we boast shaved.

Now, for me, one of the reasons why I decided to do this week is because the wife Stephanie wanted me to clean up for Easter, and like most men, I teased her for a good little while telling her I was not going to do it for Easter. But I decided to surprise her Friday night when she comes home from work with a haircut and a clean shave. The boy got he is the week before. So we both got cleaned up for his mother because she wanted us cleaned up for Easter.

Now Michael got his cut the week before I did mine and with Mama and her dementia. She noticed that something was changed with him. However, when I got mine haircut and I shaved I got jibber jabber like you wouldn’t believe. You see when I didn’t get my haircut when Mama was Mama. She always told me how good I looked how nice it was that I had got my haircut. Even with Mama’s dementia, I got a lot of jibber jabber that told me that I have not completely lost my mother to this terrible disease of dementia.

We have also been able to carry on a conversation with mom for the bout 24 hours due to the fact that we forgot to give her the medication. Now it was not a complete conversation, but it was a conversation. Nevertheless, you could figure out what she was talking about, to a point. So we this leaves me with the thought that maybe the medication is causing her to lose the ability to carry on these conversations. However, without these medications, she becomes a handful so were caught between a rock and a hard place with the medications.

We talk a little bit about dreams in this episode. You see, Mama seems to be waking up at times screaming. Absolutely terrified for some reason is this caused by dementia, the medication, or something else where unsure.

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