Know It All Doctors

Episode # 90

Care Giving for Dementia

Know It All Doctors

While in your caregiving journey there will be a lot of things that happened that you don’t understand. I know when not when we first started there was a whole lot that went on that we didn’t understand there’s a whole lot that I haven’t gone into with this podcast that went on when Mama first got dementia. That’s one reason why I started this podcast.

What is a post on Facebook was talking about talking to a loved one’s doctor who asked the question, why are you getting your mothers hair done? He was told because Mama used to get her hair done Mama feels better getting her hair done Mama likes getting her hair done.

I’m here to tell you after dealing with this stuff for eight years or more there are times when my mother still knows what’s going on around her. She may not know exactly what it is or who it is or exactly what’s being said but she still knows that somebody stalking door she knows it’s something’s been said to her.

Stephanie and I asked Mama if you want to go get her hair done this week and she said yes. So we made her hair appointment to go get her hair done but when it comes time to go Mama, decided she didn’t want to go she didn’t feel good she didn’t feel like getting dressed to go get her hair done. Now fortunately we’ve got it fixed to where the lady that does mom’s hair knows what what’s going on and so we can work within that couple hour window. But if Mama would’ve told us yes that within that two-hour window to go get her hair cut we do gone and I don’t care what the doctor would’ve said about it. If I stop for one minute it made mom feel better we to take her.

I’m here to say you can’t tell me that the doctors know everything about this dementia. Because I’m here to tell you that they don’t have seen too many reactions good and bad for mom was conversations that have gone on with mom. For any doctor to ask the question why would you do something they had your loved one doesn’t know what’s going on is BS.

If you to left every decision that you make four or about your loved one up to the doctors you would have a absolute living zombie on your hands. They’ve proven that to me and if I get mom all the medication that the doctor wanted to give mom mom would be a living zombie. All all they want to do is push pills that make him sleep all the time. Mama sleeps enough the way it is let alone with more medication to make her sleep.

So I just said all that just to say the doctors don’t know what everything. Doctors may think they do but they are not God! They do not know everything and for some doctor to say they don’t know what’s going on around them just because they have dementia doesn’t know what he’s talking about I’ve seen too many changes to many expressions good and bad for my mother for any doctor to convince me that she doesn’t know what’s going on.

So just make the right decision for you and your loved one and don’t worry a whole lot about whether or not to Dr. seems that think they know what’s going on because they do Mama has proven that to me and yours will to given the chance.

In this episode I also read a post that had do with matters of the heart here’s a copy of that post

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