Frightening Thoughts Episode # 21

Frightening Thoughts



Episode # 21





Show Notes


  1. Retracting a statement from last week’s episode
  2. My own forgetfulness
  3. A report on Mama
  4. Mama not knowing that societies crumbling, due to a public magazine targeting our children and sex
  5. Here’s a link to the article in Teen Vogue that I’m referring to
  6. Cities and states wasting money on ballfields and stadiums
  7. Mama had some memory test run years ago
  8. Quite concerned about Stephanie’s physical problems
  9. Bringing back memories of the time Mama took on a big airline
  10. My relationship with daddy
  11. Finding out something about my father. I didn’t know from the web
  12. Mom is not really able to carry on a conversation anymore
  13. The reassuring mom that she safe and constantly telling her that I love her
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